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Rebekah Estreich

Rebekah Estreich

Rebekah (Bex) has started her career working for Housing New Zealand in a variety of jobs through to management. This has made her a problem solver who is very driven and enthusiastic with excellent communication skills.

Bex spent her time at Housing New Zealand interviewing clients, allocating homes, managing tenancies, attending tenancy tribunals, managing clients with complex needs to a final outcome and mentoring, supporting and leading other staff.

After four years with Harcourts Charlton Property Management, Bex has been able to successfully put this skill-set to effective use for our owners. She is a team player with excellent knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, who is willing to take on any challenge. Her success rate at the Tenancy Tribunal is 100%.

Bex is a home owner who has sound knowledge of her own community. She is currently working a portfolio that stretches across Auckland because, after 16 years in the business, she has sound knowledge of all areas and what the rental market is doing. For hassle free property management, please feel free to call.

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