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The Vibe



It might be named after a grand, dormant volcano, but there’s nothing sleepy about this suburb and its bustling village vibe, that has a distinct inner-city feel. Mt Eden’s sought-after charms lie with its school zone appeal and leafy hill-side streets.

Neighbourhood Favourites

Tasca Cafe

The Tasca Cafes, inspired by the back street tapas bars of Spain, are comfortable local eateries - big on ambience and tasty food - small on formalities. 

For more details visit: https://www.tasca.co.nz/index.html

KC Loo Fruit Centre

An institution of Mt Eden, having been here for generations, KC Loos is an independent family owned business on the corner of Stokes and Mt Eden Road. A reputation for quality produce at reasonable prices, KC Loo is a favourite amongst locals, with customers travelling from all over Auckland, as they refuse to get their fruit and veges anywhere else!



At the heart of Mt Eden, Mantells is a function centre for private or corporate functions, parties, weddings or product launches. Their setting is absolutely gorgeous, with wide verandas and an open fire in the outdoor courtyard, while inside you’ll be in an exquisite setting, amongst beautiful antique pieces complimented by modern furniture. Open 7 days a week, for 1 function per day, they will make it perfect, whatever the occasion.

For more details visit www.mantells.co.nz


Potters Park

Over 3ha of reserve located on the corner of Dominion and Balmoral Roads, Potters Park is a fantastic place to take the kids, featuring Auckland’s first splash-pad! The park also offers historical trees, a playground and basketball courts, as well as an Events Centre.



Supplying quality fine food from Spain, Italy and France, Sabato offers a fantastic range of products. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and you’ll love knowing that the owners Phil and Jacqui source from small suppliers, many being family run businesses who use traditional methods.

For more details visit www.sabato.co.nz


Time Out Bookstore

Recently shortlisted for the London Book Fair’s 2017 Bookstore of the Year, their staff are consistently praised for being friendly and helpful, finding exactly what their customer is looking for, and having an intimate knowledge of their books. Kids will love the children’s book room!

For more details visit www.timeout.co.nz



Primary Schools

Auckland Normal Intermediate

Dedicated to offering an education that is personalized, connected and innovative, Auckland Normal Intermediate lays a solid foundation in its students for success in school and beyond. Open to students from age 11-13 years old in the zone, this is a co-educational school focused on providing a quality curriculum, with a vision of developing “internationally minded, inquiring, knowledgeable and confident lifelong learners.”

For more details visit

Balmoral School

“To value diversity and to develop curious, confident and connected learners”

Balmoral School offers an innovative and forward-thinking education from primary through intermediate level. Their teaching is an integrated learning approach through the development of Rich Tasks, and they constantly strive for improvement to ensure a challenging and exciting place for children to learn.


For more details visit https://www.balmoral.school.nz/

Mt Eden Normal Primary School

Offering an education to the smaller members of the local community for the past 130 years, Mt Eden Normal Primary School takes pride in having a student-centred education, with quality resources and facilities. They are dedicated to enabling their students to be productive and positive.

For more details visit www.mteden.school.nz



Secondary Schools

Auckland Girls Grammar School

Offering quality education to young women since 1888, Auckland Girls’ Grammar has a proud tradition of academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Their values of pride, respect, integrity, diligence and empathy are what makes this secondary school unique. With students from over 60 different cultures, this is a place to celebrate diversity, while fostering independent thinkers and a love for learning, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The teachers are committed to keeping abreast of modern learning resources and have an innovative curriculum and facilities.​​​​​​

For more details visit https://aggs.school.nz/

Auckland Grammar School

Leading the way for New Zealand’s secondary schools, Auckland Grammar School prides itself on all-round excellence as well as cultural and sporting pursuits. Offering education for young men from Form 3 to Form 7, their curriculum caters to their variety of students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Core values that define Auckland Grammar and its students are: respect, courage, integrity, commitment, pride, excellence and humility.

For more details visit www.ags.school.nz


Epsom Girls Grammar School

Supporting young women in their education and pursuit of knowledge since 1917, achievement is at the centre of Epsom Girls Grammar School across academic, cultural and sporting activities. They encourage their young women to be active and independent participants in their learning, as well as making the effort to treat all their students as individuals. Instilling leadership and self-confidence is of utmost importance at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

For more details visit

Mt Albert Grammar School

Core principles at Mt Albert Grammar School are: aim for excellence, respect oneself, respect others, value education, be honest and respect our environment. Initially founded in 1922, they value their tradition, while offering a modern education. Proudly announcing in 2016 that they were in the top six schools in New Zealand for results in NCEA and scholarships, this reflects the academic aptitude of the school.

For more details visit https://www.mags.school.nz/


Independent Schools


Dilworth School was founded with the intention of turning good boys into fine young men, to help them reach their full potential. This still holds true today. Dilworth offers boys from good families, who may have financial or personal hardship, free tuition and boarding, funded by the Dilworth Trust. Based in a Christian environment the teachers provide an excellent education, aimed at encouraging the motivation to learn and achieve. With high rates in NCEA and success in music, sports and culture, they are defined by three R’s: respect, resilience and robustness. Dilworth consists of three campuses that their boys transition through: Junior Campus in Remuera, Rural Campus in Mangatawhiri for Year 9, then Senior Campus in Epsom to complete their education.

For more details visit

Diocesan School for Girls

Diocesan School offers an education for girls from pre-school to Year 13, as well as an option for boarding, with an Anglican foundation. Core to their value system is providing an education that is creative, encourages imagination and discovery; for their students to develop individual character and leadership, as well as academic excellence. A curriculum centred on ethics, they offer personalized learning and a leadership programme, sending graduates out into the world being “more than you ever imagined”.


For more details visit www.diocesan.school.nz