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Freemans Bay



This is inner city cool just a stone’s throw from the hubbub of Ponsonby Road’s bar and restaurant buzz. Fashionable Freeman’s Bay attracts empty nesters and single professionals who have the best of both worlds being close to Western Park and Victoria Park green spaces too.

Neighbourhood Favourites

Western Park

Located only 2km from central Auckland, Western Park is renowned on the city fringe for its green space, being roughly 8ha in size. Recognizable for its unique sculptures by local John Radford, they depict buildings that once stood in Auckland. Containing something for everyone, there are numerous picnic tables and park benches, a playground for the kids, as well as a viewing platform, fitness trails through the mature trees, and tennis courts and sports fields on the lower flat area. It’s a popular spot for local professionals to enjoy their lunch.

For more details visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/parks-recreation/Pages/find-park-beach.aspx


Nishiki Japanese Izaya Dining

One of the best authentic Japanese places to dine, Nishiki provides a friendly service with the food arriving promptly. We recommend making a booking as this place can get busy very quickly!

For more details visit www.nishiki.co.nz




A corner icon in Freemans Bay, Rupa’s is located on the junction of Wellington and Hepburn Streets. A building that dates from c.1899, this is a remnant of Auckland history, with of course some twists, visit the link below for full details. It’s our favourite spot for fabulous coffee in the morning.

For more details visit http://www.timespanner.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/freeman-bays-corner-icon.html





Primary Schools

Freemans Bay School

An environment that is vibrant and exciting, Freemans Bay School embraces students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Their curriculum aims to enrich and empower students. Values of honesty, respect, friendship, celebrating cultural diversity and reaching for success set them apart.

For more detaills visit www.freemansbay.school.nz


Ponsonby Intermediate School

Ponsonby Intermediate is committed to for making their students the top priority. They pride themselves on going beyond the school archetype, by facilitating experiences and opportunities; to be a place where young minds are challenged, enabling positive self-image, and where kids feel part of an integral community.

For more details visit www.ponsonbyintermediate.school.nz 



Secondary Schools

Auckland Girls Grammar School

Offering quality education to young women since 1888, Auckland Girls’ Grammar has a proud tradition of academic, sporting and cultural excellence. Their values of pride, respect, integrity, diligence and empathy are what makes this secondary school unique. With students from over 60 different cultures, this is a place to celebrate diversity, while fostering independent thinkers and a love for learning, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The teachers are committed to keeping abreast of modern learning resources and have an innovative curriculum and facilities.

For more details visit www.aggs.school.nz



Western Springs College

The opening statement of Western Springs College sets it apart: “All students and staff, inspired by a love of learning, are challenged to discover and develop their unique personal strengths so that they are well equipped to share in the building of a just and sustainable society.”

For more details visit www.westernsprings.school.nz


Independent Schools

St Mary's College

Located on Ponsonby Hill, St Mary’s College offers a quality education to young women from Year 7 to Year 13, as a Catholic integrated school. With co-curricular opportunities, they aim to send their students away with a strong sense of self-belief and confidence.


For more details visit www.stmaryak.school.nz

St Pauls College

In the heart of Ponsonby St Paul’s College is a Roman Catholic school for young men from Year 7 to Year 13. A well-rounded education with an emphasis on academic achievement and leadership, as well as participating in extracurricular activities, is pivotal to this school. The students come from diverse cultures, and the principal and staff are dedicated to helping the students reach their full potential.



For more details visit www.stpaulscollege.nz