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Yasha Aggarwal

Yasha Aggarwal

Kuldeep and Yasha, a dynamic husband and wife Real Estate team who approach the Real Estate market with a focus on success. Key to their success has been understanding that client relationships are built on trust, strong ethics and professionalism.

Kuldeepā€˜s style is about being highly transparent and speed to respond in a fast paced market. Living the information age with a IT background, Kuldeep has an intimate understanding of the digital tools that bring buyers and sellers together to complete the transaction. Yasha brings huge sales experience with her career in the highly competitive advertising industry and knows what it takes to close the deal.

The core philosophy of the team is recognising that client always comes first, no better testament to the fact clients come back to them, time and time again.

Operating in a diverse marketplace with many languages and cultures and being fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi brings a real edge in selling across key real estate communities.

A quick glance at their personal life. Kuldeep and Yasha have been married for seven years and have a gorgeous boy. Their values extend to giving back to the community with their philanthropic involvement in the Lions Club, Epsom Community Centre, their local church and the list goes on.

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